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ECS Education Abroad

ECS Education Abroad, among the most reputable and prestigious companies in the world and Turkey, offers precise guidance and educational opportunities for students who want to study abroad and improve their languages. Established in Baku, Azerbaijan in 2003, ECS Education Abroad started offering educational consultancy services in Kyiv, Ukraine in 2007, with its corporate identity. With our nearly 20 years of experience, our expertise, and our extensive team, we aim to provide better services to our valuable students and families.

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As a Reliable, Reputable and Committed to Ethical Values institution that develops fast and effective solutions based on knowledge and creativity, the knowledge, experience and experience of our professional staff serve to meet the demands of students and touch their future. Our head office is in Ukraine and we provide professional study abroad consulting services from our office in Izmir, Turkey to all our students who want to study abroad. To our students; We offer many services such as choosing the most suitable school for their career goals, visa procedures, placement arrangements and more. We have agreements with leading universities, language schools and colleges of many countries of the world, including Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Germany, Canada, England, America, Australia, Malta, Poland, Belarus and Russia, and we place students in these countries.

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